Zayn Malik shares ‘cinematic’ view of life after new album

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Zayn Malik shares ‘cinematic’ view of life after new album, Following the release of Room Under The Stairs, Zayn Malik posted a carousel of photos to Instagram.

A net was seen around the One Direction alum’s head as he posed straight into the lens.

As well as Malik’s snacks and chords, other photos revealed his jamming sessions.

The last time we saw him, he was spotted looking out a window that seemed to be looking at more of a jet or plane than anything else.

In order to avoid spilling details about his whereabouts, Zayn decided to go caption-less in his post. There was no denying that fans were thrilled with Zayn’s sassy pictures, but they couldn’t help but gush over them.

Zayn’s decision to go caption-less in his post added an air of mystery and intrigue, leaving fans speculating about the meaning behind the photos. By withholding any written explanation, Zayn allowed the images to speak for themselves, sparking curiosity and fueling excitement among his followers.

“God’s allowed me to orbit you like a planet around you,” wrote one fan.

One other individual added to the discussion. He commented: “My hormones are at war with the first and second slides. What should I do? What should I feel?”

A rainbow appears on the right side of his face in the last photo…so pink floyd and so cinematic!

An additional child gushed: “Daddy, I love you so much, I think you look great in your mesh shirt”.

There will be an album by this artist on May 17, 2024 entitled Room Under The Stairs, for those who are unaware.

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