Zardari’s pragmatism, Bilawal’s populism

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Bilawal’s populism, It is part of their strategy to play good cop and bad cop that PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto and his father Asif Ali Zardari make conflicting statements.

According to insider, Bilawal and Zardari are pursuing the same political strategy and what they are doing now is part of it. There is no question among party members who to follow, according to the source.

Zardari’s statements

According to him, Zardari’s statements are part of the party’s policy, while Bilawal’s statements are for public consumption. The PPP’s political mind, not its popular leader, is Zardari, he said. Source: “Everyone in the party knows what he decides.”


As a result, Bilawal Bhutto is assigne to discuss issues that attract the public and matter to them. Several lessons have been learn from Zardari’s confrontational policy, according to the source.

After the party chairman demand that the ECP announce the election schedule and hold polls within 90 days, Bilawal and Zardari have seen confronting each other since yesterday (Friday).

Puppet makers:

Bilawal said that he wanted to send a message to the “puppet makers” that they should stop experimenting on Pakistanis without mentioning the word establishment. He added, “Let the people decide for themselves.”. According to Bilawal, people should accept it regardless of whether they vote for Nawaz-Shehbaz, the PPP, or the PTI. Inflation, unemployment, and poverty are the three major issues facing the PPP.

Election Commission of Pakistan:

Zardari insisted that a fresh delimitation exercise has become mandatory following the notification of the new census and defended the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Using its social media accounts, the PPP relayed Zardari’s statement emphasizing the Constitution’s mandate for the electoral authority. Zardari instead stressed the importance of economics over politics. He also appealed to the caretaker government to complete the SIFC projects.

Zardari’s statement was seen as a snub to Bilawal, who sought early elections while Zardari prefers to focus on the economy rather than politics. In Zardari’s words, suspicions were raise about the country’s economy being correct through delayed elections.

About Asif Ali Zardari’s

Bilawal Bhutto made an astonishing statement on Saturday about Asif Ali Zardari’s statements on fresh delimitations, saying they were his own and not the party’s policy.

He advised the reporter to ask Zardari about what he meant by his statement when asked about the difference between their statements. During the last CEC meeting of the PPP, which he and the former president led, both opinions regarding the election time were discuss. According to all of the party’s legal experts, elections must be held within 90 days of the dissolution of assemblies, as stipulate in the Constitution.

As far as Zardari’s family matters are concerned , Bilawal said he was bound to follow his workers and the central executive committee of his party’s central executive committee.

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