YouTuber Mr Beast to give away $250,000 from first X video

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According to the Sun, Mr Beast, the most popular Youtuber in the world, earned $250,000 from posting a single video on X, the formerly Twitter site.

A four-month-old video of Mr Beast, DJ Jimmy Donaldson, was posted on X last week in an experiment to see if the amount of revenue that it could generate could be measured.

As part of the test, Musk, the CEO of X, asked him to upload videos to the platform so that he could see how monetization works on the platform.

A video titled “$1 Car vs. $100,000,000 Car” has been viewed 216 million times on YouTube. But, after posting it on X a week ago, it has been viewed 166 million times. The video has been viewed 216 million times on YouTube.

A few days later, Musk posted a video praising Mr. Beast directly on X, calling it “The first video posted by Mr. Beast directly on X!”.

It wasn’t long after that, on January 22, Mr Beast announced he had made over $250,000 from the video that he had uploaded to the platform.

However, he acknowledged that these numbers may not represent the benefits that all creators will gain from posting videos on X.

As a result of the creator’s experiment, he decided to do something nice for his followers as a way to thank them.

There will be ten random people selected from the people who repost this post and follow me. I’ll pick the winners in 72 hours from people who repost it and follow me.

Mr. Beast has expressed concerns in the past about the process of monetization on X about the process of monetization.

The X platform has been criticized by other YouTubers who have expressed similar sentiments about it.

It was recently revealed that Youtuber KSI had only made $1,590 on X despite having $8.99 million followers on the platform. The statement was made on Logan Paul’s podcast, ‘Impaulsive,’ on another topic.

Similarly, Paul agreed with the YouTuber, saying that the pay from other websites was much lower than what you would get from YouTube.

In any case, Musk has announced that “creator rewards will increase considerably this year as a result of his announcement.”.

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