Your appearance is shaped by your mom’s pregnancy cravings

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Do you ever wonder why you are the way you are? Do you ever wonder why you have the physical appearance you do? The good looks you have are thanks to your mother’s cravings during her pregnancy.

Research conducted by the New York Post found that certain facial features in a baby’s face are likely to be influenced by the diet of a pregnant woman from her womb, potentially altering the appearance of the child during their development.

There is evidence linking a mother’s proteome level to a woman’s gene activity, specifically mTORC1 genes, which might determine the “craniofacial shape of the embryos” in the future, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications recently.

The study found that being on a high-protein diet resulted in having a stronger jawline and a larger nose, whereas being on a low-protein diet resulted in being slimmer and having a pointier appearance.

As a result, the nutritional habits of the mother may have the effect of tuning her children’s facial characteristics, including their jaw size, nose shape, and cheek size.

It was conducted by a team of international researchers who genetically modified mice and zebrafish pregnant with different levels of nutrition before feeding them diets varying in nutritional levels. After observing them for a couple of days, they came to a conclusion about their results.

This study does not represent any new knowledge, but previous studies have shown that vegetarian diets, particularly those that contain vegetables, are associated with better outcomes for children’s health, even though these are new findings.

Several studies have shown that obese mothers are more likely to give birth to overweight newborns, which might increase their chances of developing metabolic diseases in later life such as fatty liver disease.

In addition, another study has shown that eating ultra-processed food during pregnancy can lead to the passage of hazardous chemicals from mothers to their fetuses, highlighting the potential negative health effects of ingestion of ultra-processed foods.

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