XCX to be honored at 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards

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At the 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards, Charli XCX is set to receive the coveted Powerhouse Award in honor of how she has impacted the culture.

She will be honored alongside other LGBTQIA+ icons such as Kylie Minogue, Maren Morris, Victoria Monet and Ice Spice for the work she has done in the music industry.

A statement from Billboard’s editorial director, Hannah Karp, released on January 24, acknowledged the contribution of the artists from around the world to the world of music. The statement noted that, “We cannot be more thrilled to celebrate these inspiring and dynamic artists from around the world as they move our culture forward and inspire women worldwide to strive for their dreams and push boundaries.”

Immediately following Karp’s announcement, Charli took to the social network X, formerly known as Twitter, to celebrate her honorary mention for the article.

Taking part in the billboard’s Women in Music awards, the Hot Girl Bodies Bodies Bodies artist said: “I am very honoured that Billboard is honouring me, and I am very grateful.”. I am truly grateful! Furthermore, I have been nominated for a Brit Award as well. Wow. That’s impressive. The music I’m making is one of my strongest passions in life, and it’s definitely exciting to be noticed, but it’s also enjoyable to be an outsider at the same time. So I just wanted to say thanks a lot! ”

Having made her debut in the music industry in 2012 by releasing successful beats, the singer has further expanded her talent into the film industry as well.

Her most recent work, Mother Mary, is seen as part of her ongoing involvement with LGBTQIA+ teen comedy, including Bottoms.

Her phenomenal tracks and outstanding songwriting abilities have established the Hot In It singer’s name as one of the most promising artists in the industry.

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