WWE Survivor Series returns with CM Punk and Randy Orton

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A few days ago, WWE Survivor Series fans around the world were left stunned by the return of veteran wrestler CM Punk and WWE star Randy Orton to the event.

The real name of CM Punk is Phil Brooks, a wrestler who made his debut in 2006 and returned to the WWE after nine years following his exit from the company in 2014.

He made his return to WWE after leaving the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) organisation in 2021, which he had been a part of since becoming a member.

The BBC reported that along with his complaints about WWE’s storyline and the inadequacy of medical care for him, the wrestler had frequently voiced his concerns about the WWE’s storyline.

In the eleventh hour, as confirmed by WWE’s chief content officer Triple H, there had been rumours that Punk was planning to return to the WWE, which effectively was made possible in the eleventh hour.

The moment came together very quickly and we are incredibly excited about it,” Triple H said in a press conference after the announcement. “This has been one of those lightning-in-a-bottle moments,” he said at the start of the show.

However, CM Punk didn’t really get a chance to show his dominance of the ring as he didn’t even get inside the ring as he did not even have a match against any of his fans – who cheered as CM Punk made his shocking WWE return in his hometown – so fans weren’t able to see their favourite wrestler in action.

As we reported previously, Randy Orton also returned from an injury that had forced him to take more than a year off from the WWE.

As Orton’s theme song, “Voices,” was played in the Allstate Arena, a frenzy broke out among the fans, as they knew they were about to see their idol again, as they had eagerly been waiting for his return to the stage for a long time.

The Legend Killer, often referred to as “The Viper”, entered the ring when Team Cody Rhoades were being battered by The Judgment Day, and quickly took out each member of the latter group one by one with some of the moves that are remembered by every single wrestling fan who grew up watching The Legend Killer.

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