Women’s divorce advice from Drew Barrymore: Watch now

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As part of her recent advice to women on how they can move on after a divorce, Drew Barrymore shared valuable advice with them.

As she was in conversation with her audience on The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress of Never Been Kissed was in the midst of a conversation during which one of the audience members asked her to share her thoughts on divorce as she was in the middle of a conversation.

It took Drew a long time to get over the divorce he had.

In response to a woman in the audience, he said, “I know it’s probably a bad thing for me to tell you,” while making a reference to her.

As Drew continued to ask the woman about her marriage details, she revealed that she had been married for 21 years and that she had three children.

“Maybe this is your time now, and you let it slide so that others can get their turn.” was what the Charlie’s Angels actress said.

In the words of the talk show host, “You stay in a state of stuckness, and you are stuck in the weeds as well.”. When you are stuck in the weeds, it is so hard to rise above it and get close to the sun. In the darkness, you stay wallowing in your misery.”

As a result, she suggested that you take some time to relax.   

The Great Barry Michael, Drew’s therapist, then opened up about what her therapist had taught her regarding how to transform “self-loathing” into “self-love”.

On the other hand, Drew said, “We beat ourselves up so much that we don’t even know where to begin.”. It’s like we put the needs of everyone before our own, but then we blame everything that goes wrong on us. It seems to me that we are not able to get over it quickly enough. ”

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