With his singing skills, Travis Kelce challenges Taylor Swift

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With his singing skills, Travis Kelce challenges Taylor Swift. There is nothing wrong with Taylor Swift, so get over it. There has just been a debut in the music industry for your lover Travis. It could be a bright future for the Kansas City Chiefs player when he decides to hang up his boots and enter the world of music.

It is likely that most people are already aware of the fact that Travis and his brother Jason are in the process of recording a Christmas single. As part of the Eagles team’s second holiday album, A Philly Special Christmas, which will be available on the first day of December, the two will release the song “Fairytale of Philadelphia.”.

As a result of Travis Kelce’s recent romance with pop sensation Taylor Swift, the Kelce brothers’ new song is highly anticipated, especially when it comes to the release of their album. X (previously Twitter) has been running a video of Travis in the booth, and a lot of people have been amazed at just how good his voice is in the clip.

There were a lot of comments on the video in which people described him as sounding like a Disney prince, in particular. As one user, wrote, “I’m getting Maui from Moana as a result of it!”. It really is a shame that he doesn’t give himself credit for how good his voice is, said another user.

There are rumours making the rounds that Swift has been teaching Travis the art of singing because of the incredible voice he has. Possibly Swift and Kelce will record a duet together at some point in the future, who knows?

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