Why Ronaldo stand sideways during the national anthem?

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Why Ronaldo stand sideways during the national anthem?, There may be a last chance for Cristiano Ronaldo to show off his prowess in a major competition such as the European Championship, because he is leading Portugal in the tournament.

A report by Talk Sport said that Cristiano Ronaldo, who will be turning 40 in a few weeks, has been chosen to lead his country in Euro 2024.

It has been pointed out by fans that this unique aspect of the Portuguese player from Al Nassr, which is that he stands sideways during the singing of the Portuguese national anthem during his last appearance on European grounds on Sunday, is something that he has never done before.

A former Real Madrid player stands wide-eyed as he begins to sing the anthem, allowing the rest of the squad to wrap their arms around him as he turns to the side and sings.

This is a tradition established by Ronaldo over the years as a way to honor his nation before the start of each game as a form of honouring his nation.

It is a little surprising that Portuguese coach Roberto Martinez is keen to emphasize the value of the veteran despite the fact that his apex in the international sphere may be coming to an end at Euro 2024.

For a player to score 42 goals in 41 games for his club shows a high degree of continuity, the ability to remain physically fit all the time, and exceptional quality in front of goal, which is really what we look for and need in our players.”

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