What you can do about wrinkly lips caused by straws

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Due to the phenomenon that the Stanley Tumbler has gained popularity in the United States, the Stanley Tumbler is now regarded as a status symbol. The newest and coolest methods of staying hydrated are always being sought after by young people who are health-conscious and mindful.

As tempting as it would be to repeatedly sip from the 40-oz Stanley Quencher Tumbler because of its side handle and straw, some TikTok users are being cautioned against continually slurping from such a utensil due to the possibility of creating wrinkles on the lips.

There are many ways to get lip wrinkles, but the most common one is to form vertical furrows along the top and sides of the lip. They are also known as smoker’s lines, lipstick lines, or lip lines, depending on where they appear on the lips.

In order to keep the attraction of their Stanleys and to avoid lip creases at the same time, TikTokers have been purchasing anti-wrinkle straws as an extra accessory to keep their Stanleys in tiptop condition.

In an interview with the New York Post, American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) member surgeon Dr. Lara L Devgan, MD, confirmed that the long-term effect of repetitively pursing the lips and drinking through a straw or engaging in other movements that may cause the lips to be pursed result in fine lines in that area.

It happens because the skin acts like a piece of paper, says Devgan, explaining that the reason behind it is that it is amorphous.

As she explained, if you fold the paper over and over again in the same folding pattern, the etched lines will start to appear, and if you do not remove them, it will become progressively more difficult,” she explained. The lines become deeper and deeper when we see people who consistently drink through straws because they are drinking through them repeatedly.”

Although in the past these lines have been referred to as smoker’s lines, Devgan clarified that “pursing the lips is enough to create these lines” – regardless of whether you smoke or not, and regardless of whether you drink through a straw or not, as she explained – “merely by virtue of a movement of your lips.”

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