What Selena Gomez says in throwback photo?

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The actress has opened up about her feelings about the changes she has made to her physique in recent years.

She posted a collection of Instagram Stories on Monday night that showed her body in old pictures in an attempt to flaunt her body to the world.

A previous picture of the 31-year-old Only Murders in the Building star, which she originally posted on her Instagram account, showed her wearing what appeared to be a zebra bikini. Upon viewing her Instagram story today, she wrote, “Today I realized I will never look like this again,” as part of her caption.

Several days after the initial picture that she posted, she posted a new picture of herself in a bathing suit. It can be seen in this picture that Gomez is wearing a black high-waisted bikini bottom and a white tube-top bikini top.

“I’m not perfect, but I’m proud to be who I am. Sometimes I forget that being me is okay, and that’s okay, too.” read the caption for the second story.

A lot of her recent postings advocate body acceptance, which is a trend that has emerged since Rare Beauty’s mogul confronted people who were making negative remarks about the appearance of the rare beauty brand owner.

There have been a number of people who have body shamed the Selena Chef actress in April 2022, but she made a strong statement.

She stated in her TikTok Story that she didn’t care about her weight since people always make a big deal out of it anyway. It wasn’t necessary for them to tell me that I was too small, too big, too tight, or that it didn’t fit.

In response, she explained that she thought she was perfect exactly how she was. In the end, what did we learn from this story? Bye.”

According to Gomez, her illness causes her to suffer from “weight fluctuations,” which she used to find burdensome before she had a kidney transplant as a result of lupus problems. She underwent a kidney transplant in September 2017 as a result.

She told Raquelle Stevens, a friend of hers on her podcast Giving Back Generation in November 2019, that in a conversation with her friend, she explained, “I have Lupus, kidney issues, and high blood pressure, so I have a lot of health concerns, and at this time, that’s when I started noticing more of the body image stuff.”

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