What does space smell like?

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What does space smell like?. Several researchers have claimed that the odours experienced in space are extraordinary even though there is no oxygen available for humans to breathe, as reported in a report by Space.com published a few weeks ago.

There are many stronger odours in the universe, but astronauts don’t have to worry about them, since they wear helmets that provide them with protection from some of them. As for the smells, People has reported that once the astronauts are back inside their spacecraft and have a safe place to remove their helmets, the smells can be quite interesting.

Astronaut Dominic “Tony” Antonelli said in 2009 that he definitely noticed a different smell in space compared to anything else he had ever experienced.

Some people who worked on the International Space Station or were involved in the Apollo moon landings claim that the lunar terrain smells strongly of gunpowder and “burnt steak,” which are associated with gunpowder.

“Everyone’s instant impression of the smell was that it was spent gunpowder, which is why it is likely that the smell of spent gunpowder will remain with us much longer than other similar smells,” Apollo 17’s Harrison “Jack” Schmitt previously told the outlet. “I think spent gunpowder is much more ingrained in our memory than other comparable smells.”

In a blog post, Nasa astronaut Don Pettit once wrote in that it reminded him of the summers he spent working with an arc welding torch on heavy machinery for a small logging outfit during his college years. There was a pleasant sweet smell coming from the smoke which reminded me of welding fumes.”

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