Vitamin D toxicity leads to death of a UK man

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Vitamin D toxicity leads to death of a UK man, There has been a significant discrepancy between the consumption of vitamin D supplements and the death of 89-year-old David Mitchener in Britain, which has raised alarms about the safety of the product.

A New York Post report reported on a month before Mitchener’s death that he had been taking vitamin D supplements at a high level for at least nine months, and that he was also consuming high levels of calcium before his death.

Postmortem tests showed that there were levels of vitamin D in the body that exceeded the Harvard recommended levels for adults in the range of 30.

His death is said to have been caused by vitamin D toxicity, hypercalcemia, cardiac failure, as well as renal failure, according to the report.

Health practitioners and law enforcement agencies have become more concerned as a result of the findings, which have prompted them to investigate further.

As a result of the tragic death of Mitchener, a coroner has called for changes to packaging regulations in order to supplement the existing rules. There have been inquiries made to the Department of Health and Social Care and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to find out what has happened.

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