Tsunami warning after 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan

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The Japan Times reported that on Monday, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook Japan and prompted a tsunami warning for a wide swath of the country’s west coast following the earthquake. This earthquake has been rated as the “strongest” on the Japanese scale.

Public broadcaster NHK reported on Wednesday that people in the coastal areas of Ishikawa, Niigata, Toyama, and Yamagata prefectures were urged to evacuate immediately due to a tsunami warning issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

According to the weather agency, a Tsunami up to 5 metres high is expected to hit the town of Noto in the Ishikawa Prefecture during the next couple of hours.

It is imperative that all residents of the prefecture’s Wajima City move to higher ground as soon as possible following the earthquake, which hit around 4:10 pm, NHK announced as waves more than 1 metre high hit the coast of the city.

The Hokuriku Electric Power Company says it is monitoring the situation closely at its nuclear power plants to ensure that there are no irregularities, while Kansai Electric Power’s spokesperson says that there are currently no abnormalities at its nuclear power plants, but that the company is closely monitoring it.

During this time, the Pakistani Embassy in Washington has released a statement confirming the reports of the massive quakes and saying that “the situation in the earthquake-hit areas is being monitored closely.”

As per Tarar, all Pakistanis have been contacted by the embassy and were assured that they were safe after the embassy contacted them. He added that a hotline has been created for Pakistanis to contact in case of any difficult circumstances.

There was a strong feeling of the quake in Tokyo and across the Kanto area on the morning of New Year’s Day.

Moreover, the South Korean province of Gangwon issued a warning to residents after Monday’s earthquake in Japan, advising them to take precautions and evacuate to higher grounds as soon as possible.

As early as last week, the meteorological agency of South Korea warned that some parts of Gangwon province on the east coast could experience a rise in sea levels.

The Ishikawa prefecture was experiencing strong tremors as video was shared online showing the tremors.

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