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It is obvious from the moment you meet Amar Khan that she is not someone you want to mess with. Even just the fact that the actor has been able to come up with an original story and write a whole feature film from scratch is impressive. Besides acting in Dum Mastam, which was released in 2022, she also starred in the lead role as Alia Butt.

I don’t think it is terribly surprising that Amar has decided to take this route. As a part of his studies for his career as an actor, he attended Beaconhouse National University in Lahore, followed by the New York Film Academy. In 1989, Fareeha Jabeen began her career through PTV’s Neelay Haath in which she worked with her mother Fareeha Jabeen as an actor. It is, however, still up to a person to develop something meaningful, despite the fact that they are given every opportunity, the gift of legacy, and innate talent. The grit that Amar Khan displays, it appears, is what will enable him to succeed.

In the year 2022, Dum Mastam launched with Ghabrana Nahi Hai, Parde Mein Rehne Do, as well as Chakkar on Eid 2022. After a long absence from the cinemas, the film returned to the screens. Having the same Eid releases on different days usually results in an uneven distribution of attention as a result of simultaneous releases. In spite of the adorable Imran Ashraf playing Bao and Amar playing Alia, the film failed to gain the favor of its peers despite Imran Ashraf’s comical and sharp performance. In addition, there were mixed reviews following the release of the film. As much as we might never be able to understand how Amar felt at the time of these events, a mere few months later we were able to see her performing at the 21st Lux Style Awards in Lahore, performing with a completely different attitude than we had seen in the past.

The fact that Amar Khan seems to be full of life and vivacious onscreen and in her stage personas confirms that this is a true statement. Speaking to her confirms this hypothesis. Having the opportunity to talk with her is a pleasure, as she is open and open about where she comes from. Having been given the best of education and opportunities at such a young age, she says with all honesty that she has not had to struggle a single day in her life, and that she is grateful for those things. In contrast, Fareeha Jabeen, who has worked in the industry for many decades, has not been able to achieve greater success or wider recognition. There is no differentiation between the two, but one might suspect that Amar Jabeen’s intense ambition may have its roots in his desire to never be pigeonholed or sidelined, similar to Fareeha Jabeen’s.

But there is no need for you to use armchair psychology in order to convince Amar that the suspicion is correct or false; she will be able to tell you that for herself. In response to this, she says, “I am very vocal about my journey and what kind of work I hope to do in the future.”. She continues, “Sometimes, I am offered roles that are unorthodox, whereas at other times, the scripts that are sent to me are so awful that I want to cry.”. Having worked so hard over the years, I am quite concerned. Can this be what I had in mind? The actor’s job, on the other hand, is to be able to play every role with the same confidence and grace that is necessary for all of them.”

With a passion for the arts, Amar has been surrounded since a young age by films, music, and literature, which have always captivated her. The storytellers that she has learned from are some of the best storytellers in Urdu literature, including Asghar Nadeem Syed, a senior television journalist who had us read some very complex Urdu writings at BNU. There is just so much connection between writing and acting, and I think that her instincts as a writer inform the way that she approaches acting, and vice versa.

With a reputation as one of the youngest actors with a very thick skin and good sense of humor, Amar is an example of a younger generation of actors who have emerged in the spotlight due to social media paparazzi.

It has always been a feature of public opinion that there is an obsession with celebrities, and those who are in the public eye are aware of what they are getting into. There, however, is no way we can expect that all celebrities will always be able to tolerate public opinion, public reaction, and public commentary.

In Amar’s opinion, trolls are not the type of people that he deal with very often. There is a certain amount of acclimatization involved. There is a problem when you do a lot of formulaic roles, which make you famous or which your audience likes, yet you act in a way which is entirely different from those roles in your own life. Generally, there’s nothing much to say in such situations other than expressing how good a performer you are, and how good a performer you really are.”

A simple Instagram photo that she had recently posted on her account earned her a lot of backlash. As a result, she says, she was not aware that a certain coffee chain was on the list of businesses to be avoided during this war on Palestine while she was in London for an awards show. “I was getting a coffee at the coffee place and I simply posted a picture, and the next thing I know, my comments are flooded with people issuing judgment against me for going to the coffee place, taking a picture, and then from there it escalates.”.

“In fact, I apologized right away,” says Amar when asked about his apology. Nevertheless, I need a chance to learn from my mistakes and do better in the future. Keep your attack to a minimum, so that I do not tune you out to the point of shutting you out. ”

Due to Amar’s knowledge of what it is like to be scrutinized and censured by the media in the case of a public figure, she is very cautious about what she says and does, and how her actions may be perceived. In my opinion, I am always careful when I speak, something that you might say in jest or casually could be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Whenever words are typed up, for instance, on Whatsapp and sent to someone with the intention of causing trouble, the words may be misinterpreted and cause chaos you weren’t consciously trying to cause. It is now necessary to be careful with your words in this digital age, since everything has a digital record now. People have been known to send text messages or voice notes simply for the purpose of gaining clout or to make you look bad by sharing them. Therefore, I am fine with spending a little more time being cautious in order to save myself from feeling that kind of grief.

Although Amar Khan does have a few favorites for sure, the way she describes them is a little less specific. As much as she is cautious, it is not because she is being cautious, but simply because her interests are too vast and varied to be categorized or named in one or two categories.

“I can’t really pinpoint my favorite genre of movie because I don’t really have a favorite! Despite her protestations, she continues, “It’s a whole lot of them!”. The truth is that it sometimes doesn’t matter which one it is. Amar laughs as he recalls some of the times when he just watched one genre of movies. If we were to pin down exactly what it means to love an idea, person, or entity, then there wouldn’t really be a way to do so, would there? There is no way we can blame her for what she has done. It is true, however, that she does have certain things in mind when it comes to her future. There is one aspect of her craft that she enjoys the most, which is the opportunity to work with the best storytellers. There are a number of things that she likes, and there are some things that she will not do.

In the end, the most important thing about Amar Khan is her commitment to the beliefs she holds dear to her heart. There are some boring moments in the world of acting, just like in any other job. If I am immersed in a meaty, well-rounded character and I am fully engaged with it, then I know I am in the right place. It leaves you with something to think about, and begins to open your eyes to other possibilities. I stop at that moment and take a moment to reflect on the blessings I have in my life.

As far as my journey is concerned, as well as the kind of work I wish to accomplish, I am very vocal about it,” Amar says. There are times when I get offered unorthodox roles, and there are times when I get scripts that make me want to cry because they are so dreadful. The question I ask myself is, is this what I have been working so hard for all these years? As an actor, the first thing he/she should do is to play every role with the same level of confidence and grace that he/she is capable of in the other.

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