Travis Scott’s lawyer speaks out about rapper’s arrest in Florida

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There has been a break in the silence of Travis Scott’s lawyer over the rapper’s arrest in Florida for disorderly intoxication and trespassing after he was arrested.

An attorney for Scott said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE that this morning, “Mr. Scott was briefly detained as a result of a misunderstanding that occurred on his part.”

He explained that “there was no physical altercation involved in the case, and we would like to thank the authorities for cooperating with us in order to reach an amicable and swift resolution.”

It was reported to the outlet that a source said, “There was no physical altercation with anyone,” after the rapper was arrested.

There was a rowdy party happening at that time and Travis had already been bailed out for a few hundred dollars. According to an insider, he has already returned home.

It was reported that a source told the outlet the matter would not be pursued further because it was a minor incident at most, akin to receiving a ticket without any injuries.

It has been reported by Miami Beach Police Department representatives that Scott was taken into custody following an incident at the Miami Beach Marina, according to PEOPLE.

The outlet has obtained an arrest affidavit in which the agents noted that they were called to the property on complaints that there had been fighting on the yacht.

During the course of this investigation, officers contacted [Scott] to conduct an investigation,” reads the affidavit.

As the report explained, “While officers on scene were interacting with the defendant, they were able to smell a strong sense of alcohol on his breath during the interaction.”.

In the case of disorderly intoxication, Scott was ordered to submit a bond of $650, while the charge of trespassing was set at $150.

After the rapper was arrested in Miami, Miami police alleged that after the rapper was taken into custody, Scott later confessed he had been drinking alcohol and said, “It’s Miami, it’s not my fault”.

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