Total Solar Eclipse before Worm Moon Eclipse

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Total Solar Eclipse before Worm Moon Eclipse, There will be a total lunar eclipse seen across much of the world on Monday, March 25 due to the Worm Moon.

According to Live Science on October 7, 2024, it will be the third full Moon of the year, sometimes called the “Worm Moon” because it is often accompanied by a number of worms and beetles emerging at the start of spring.

Due to the fact that Almanac will move through Earth’s outer shadow, it will produce an odd-looking shadow that will move across the surface of the full Moon, producing a slight penumbral lunar eclipse.

There is a very great possibility that the Earth and the Sun will align the Moon on a celestial trajectory which will make the moon appear almost perfectly aligned on April 8 and result in a total solar eclipse.

There will be two important times in North America when you will be able to observe the Moon. In the early evening of Sunday, March 24, when the full Worm Moon is expected to rise in the east, one can witness it for the first time.

During the early hours of Monday, March 25, the full Moon will pass through Earth’s outer shadow, its penumbra, between 12:53am and 5:32am EDT, while the second observation window is a few hours later when the full Moon will pass through Earth’s penumbra between 12:53am and 5:32am EDT.

A large amount of sunlight will not be able to reach the Moon during the height of the event, resulting in 95% of the lunar surface being covered in shadows.

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