Tom Cruise’s bitter rift with daughter Suri deepens

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In the midst of deteriorating relations between Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri, he seems to have made a major decision regarding his priorities.

As rumour has it, Top Gun star Michael Douglas hasn’t been attending his daughter’s high school graduation, which he shares with his ex-wife Katie Holmes and their 18-year-old daughter. This has contributed to the rumours that the two are estranged and at odds.

A source who spoke to In Touch Weekly speculated on what the actor’s real motives were behind his decision to “completely cut off” a child from her. Based on an expert’s opinion, the actor’s religious inclinations may have been the driving force behind the decision.

Those who are unaware of Tom’s actions have reported that Tom is refusing to allow his family to join Scientology as their sole faith, leading to rifts between the family members.

As Tony Ortega, an expert on Scientology, told the outlet, “Tom has repeatedly proven that he owes top priority to his religion and its leader, David Miscavige,” he said of Tom. “Tom has demonstrated his loyalty to the end,” he added.

According to the expert, it became increasingly obvious to him that Suri was completely out of Tom’s life as time went on. In fact, Suri may even benefit from it in the long run.”

As well as this, the insider also spoke out on several occasions about Suri’s decision to drop Cruise from her name, including at her graduation.

The truth is, they said, “that for the last 11 years Tom has chosen not to see Suri because he wants to keep his distance from her.”

It’s important to note that after getting married to Nicole Kidman, the Mission Impossible icon had two children with her, Bella Kidman, 31, and Connor Kidman, 29, who are now his grandchildren, both of whom adhere to his religion.

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