This Instagram post by Zayn Malik captured hearts

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Taking to Instagram, the One Direction alum posted a video of himself signing vinyl copies of his upcoming album Room Under The Stairs. In the video, Malik signs vinyl copies of his upcoming album Room Under The Stairs.

The singer who previously released his title track from the upcoming album looked dapper as he signed one vinyl chord after another and topped it off with a heart, a tribute to the track that made him famous.

“For You” is the caption Zayn used for the video.

As soon as the singer posted the picture, the comments section was flooded with comments from fans all over the world, who couldn’t contain their excitement, adding heartfelt comments to the post.

The singer’s music has even inspired some people to order their copies ahead of time and gushes over the singer in their posts.

There was a comment from a fan who said, “I have already received mine! I can’t wait to see it.”

In another comment, a fan added: “I ordered mys as well. I cannot wait for it to arrive.”.

According to a third letter, “I love you pookie.” was written.

There was still a fourth member who exclaimed: “THE LITTLE HEARTS ARE EMELTING STOP.“.

If you are unfamiliar with his latest song, What I Am, the singer of What Makes You Beautiful released it on Friday, March 15th. 

In a heartfelt note that he posted on Instagram, he told his fans that this song is the first sample of a project he’s been working on since 2008, which he calls “Song of the Year.”.

It has been announced that Zayn will release his upcoming album, Room Under The Stairs, on May 17, 2024.

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