The stunning dress Anne Hathaway wore had some limitations

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As part of the Versace Fall/Winter 2024 womenswear runway show at the Milan Fashion Week, Anne Hathaway caught the attention of all those there not only because of the stunning red leather corset dress she wore but also because of the candid conversation she had with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

The dress was revealed in a viral clip for Women’s Wear Daily, shot by Lara Volpato and which captured exactly how Hathaway reconciled style and practicality when wearing it.

When Wintour asked Hathaway casually, “Can you breathe?” seated in the front row, Hathaway looked up at her. There is a lot, according to Hathaway, “I can’t just turn my head, but I can breathe.” Hathaway responded with a laugh, “Yes, I can only breathe.” The exchange made it apparent both that the dress was striking and there could be sacrifices involved in wearing high fashion.

During the show, just moments before the dress was unveiled on the runway, it was one of the biggest showstoppers. A plunging neckline, a cinched waistline, and a dramatic skirt were all features of this stunning dress made from red leather. Hathaway appeared to be able to hug her curves in the dress.As her humorous comment acknowledged, however, her movement was clearly restricted due to the tight fit she wore.

The lighthearted exchange between Hathaway and the Instagram star sparked debate online, with some praising Hathaway’s honesty, while others arguing that it is best to sacrifice comfort for fashion when one is trying to look good. In spite of some people’s opinions, this moment captured the essence of the fashion industry – where bold statements are often made, sometimes at the expense of practicality, and this moment captured the essence of those bold statements.

Aside from her classic elegance style, Hathaway is known for her daring avant-garde looks as well as her classic elegance. Even while wearing a high-fashion masterpiece, she has the willingness to poke fun at herself in this latest incident, which demonstrates her playful personality and willingness to be playful.

Hathaway’s ability to laugh it off and embrace the moment adds an additional layer to her public persona, even if the dress may not be ideal for everyday wear because of its restrictions on movement.

No matter where she goes, Hathaway continues to captivate audiences with her style, wit, and genuine personality regardless of whether she is walking the red carpet or having a lighthearted conversation about fashion’s quirks.

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