The solo career of Perrie Edwards has been lagging in sales

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The solo career of Perrie Edwards has been lagging in sales, The recent lukewarm reception given to Perrie Edwards’ solo music ventures by Columbia Records has resulted in a flurry of discussions at the record label. 

Forget About Us, the debut single of the former Little Mixer, was greeted with a lot of fanfare when it was released back in April, but despite the label’s extensive promotion efforts, it only topped out at No. 10 on the charts.

Her newest release, Tears, has struggled to reach the top 70 in the charts, prompting management at Columbia Records to express concerns. 

A music insider told The A.V. Club that there is palpable unease amongst the industry because Columbia made a lot of effort to position her as a solo star, even hiring a director who has worked with Beyoncé on her videos. 

It is important to note that, despite the expectations, the breakthrough has yet to materialize. In spite of the fact that everyone knows that success takes time to build, the reality falls short of the high expectations they had at the beginning.”

Several close sources to Perrie defended her accomplishments, saying, “Perrie has made an impressive start. Globally, she has amassed 38 million streams, with Forget About Us dominating the airplay for nearly seven weeks as the No. 1 single. 

In the first two weeks following the release of Tears, it garnered 2.6 million streams. It is a matter of celebration that such achievements have been made.”

As a result of Edwards, Pinnock, and Nelson’s departure from Little Mix, they have faced serious challenges in finding success on their own, despite the fact that their previous worldwide sales exceeded 60 million. 

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