The singer and Rich Paul signed an ironclad prenuptial agreement

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According to reports, Adele announced at a recent show in Los Angeles that she had gotten married to her boyfriend Rich Paul, in the same manner she announced her engagement to Alan Carr.

Upon confirmation that the singer, 35, has been dating the sports agent, 41, rumors resurfaced that the couple, who will be married on Tuesday, have signed an ironclad prenuptial agreement before they take their vows.

Earlier this year, Grammy-winning singer Adele was ‘convinced’ by her friends that tying the knot with Paul would be a bad idea due to the fact that she would have to protect her $220 million fortune.

It has been revealed to National Enquirer that Adele has a couple of trust issues, which appears to be normal for her. The issue of their marital contract, however, caused some friction between them, the insider informed.

“She believes in love, and she says talking about money is a sure-fire way to kill off a romance because it talks about anything to do with money. According to the source, “She was right,” and said that the subject of prenuptial agreements was a “touchy subject.”.

According to attendees at Carr’s show, Adele shouted “I did” in response to the comic’s question when he asked whether anyone had just got married recently.

In July 2021, the couple first came under the spotlight when they attended a basketball game together in a public way, stoking romance rumours.

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