The price of petrol in Pakistan increased by Rs4.13 per litre

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As a result of the recent increases in international crude oil prices, the outgoing caretaker government of Pakistan has announced that the price of petrol will be raised by Rs4.13 per litre for the next week.

In a notification from the Finance Division, it is explained that the new petrol price is Rs279.75 per litre, and that the price will remain the same until March 15.

The Finance Division of the ministry announced that the price of high-speed diesel has remained at Rs287.33 per litre, unchanged from the previous month.

Price of petrol in Pakistan:

ObjectsOld priceNew priceIncrease or Decrease
High Speed Diesel (HSD)Rs287.33Rs287.33Rs0(no change)
Petrol Price

It should be noted that oil prices are revised in Pakistan every 15 days every year to make sure that they are in line with the trend of global oil prices and the fluctuations of the rupee’s exchange rate against the dollar. Recent developments have seen the Pakistani rupee remain steady over the past few weeks.

Pakistani citizens who rely heavily on private vehicles for transportation are likely to face an increase in their cost of living as a result of these fuel price increases. Inflationary pressures will result in the economy from the rise in petrol prices, which will affect individual transportation costs as well as the prices of goods and services.

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