The Palestinians demand that FIFA ban the Israeli football team

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FIFA ban Israeli football team, The Palestinian Football Federation has been censured by Palestinian players, officials, and fans following the failure of FIFA to sanction and ban Israel amid the ongoing war on Gaza, which health officials estimate has resulted in the death of more than 31,000 people, including 13,000 children.

The calls from Palestinians and their supporters for the sport’s world governing body to take action against Israel have grown in the past few months. When Russia invaded Ukraine nearly two years ago, the Fifa World Federation immediately and firmly banned Russians from international football activities, comparing this to the instant and firm decision it took to ban Russia and Russian clubs from all international football activities.

After the invasion, Russia, who were strong candidates to be a part of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, were immediately eliminated from the playoffs by FIFA, a decision that was upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport following their direct elimination by FIFA after the invasion.

As this war in Gaza has been going on for nearly six months, FIFA has remained tight-lipped. However, the first leg of Israel’s Euro 2024 qualifying match is set to take place on Tuesday against Iceland. Israel has been permitted to play its home leg of the tie on neutral ground in Budapest, Hungary, because of the conflict in the region.

Al Jazeera’s requests for comment have been acknowledged by FIFA as having been received, but the organisation has yet to respond.

In light of the fact that the game is going ahead, Iceland’s coach, Age Hareide, has voiced his concerns, stating that he fears repercussions from refusing to participate in the game should Iceland refuse to participate.

In regards to playing Israel, I would hesitate to do so due to the ongoing violence in Gaza and the horrendous treatment that they have given to women, children, and other innocent citizens of the country. As Hareide, a Norwegian, told PressTV, “This is a game that shouldn’t be played, and we shouldn’t play it if you ask me,” it is a game that shouldn’t be played.

“It has been very, very difficult for me, and I have to refrain from feeling the urge to dwell on these images we see every day, as they have become a part of our everyday lives.

If we don’t play, we’ll be banned, and we’ll face further punishment by not being able to play another nation that is a member of this organization.”

It’s appalling, disappointing and outrage-inducing

There has been some criticism of FIFA’s “humanitarian and equality campaigns” in Gaza by Palestinian international footballer Mohammed Balah who questions FIFA’s fairness while still sidestepping the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Despite the Israeli attacks on Gaza, Balah continued to seek safety in Gaza, in the midst of a campaign to expose FIFA’s hypocrisy and hypocrisy.

The footballer has had to relocate multiple times, he remains malnourished and he does not have the means to leave the war-torn area in order to join his club in Jordan as he does not have a vehicle.

Despite FIFA swiftly banning Russia, why is the organization still silent about Israel when it comes to soccer? During this genocide, I would like to hope that all players as well as officials will support us.

Rasheed Daboor, a Palestinian soccer star and Beit Hanoon Club player, was killed by Israeli air raids at his home along with other Palestinian players, fans and managers, including members of the Palestinian national team and Beit Hanoon Club.

Among the 58 members of the Meshmesh family that died in an Israeli air raid were Basel Meshmesh, the goalkeeper from Zwayda Youth Club. It is worth mentioning that Mohammed Barakat, a celebrated forward from the Gaza Strip, was killed by Israeli bombs when his house in Rafah, in the south of Gaza, was destroyed.

During the Gaza conflict, Sobhi Mabrook, manager of Palestinian club Al-Salah, lost his brother during the conflict, and even though he is worried for his own safety, he does not expect that members of the FIFA executive committee would speak out for Gaza.

All I can hope for is that this war will come to an end quickly, and I am confident that they will remain silent.”

He said his heart is breaking as he watches players and sports staff die, sporting facilities are destroyed, and football clubs are wiped out by this ongoing war.

In his statement, he said that Israel destroyed the club I attended for 20 years, Al-Sadaqa, owned by Palestinians.

It is only through both eyes that the world will be able to see the truth.

Hamas launched an attack on southern Israel on October 7 that resulted in the deaths of 1,139 people, starting the current war. In spite of this, Palestinian footballers have long faced difficulties when attempting to leave the beseiged strip of land in order to play for the national team.

FIFA has previously refused to impose any sanctions on Israel, citing the “exceptional complexity and sensitivity” of this issue as well as its “political” nature, despite Israel continuing to operate football clubs within the occupied West Bank and illegal settlements there.

There have been six Israeli football clubs, based in the occupied territory, which have continued to operate despite the destruction of football stadiums and sports facilities across Gaza during the ongoing conflict. Most of these facilities were either razed to the ground or used as makeshift internment camps for Palestinians detained by the Israeli forces.

The national team has also not been able to include Houssam Wadi from Gaza as part of the team from Gaza, just like Balah.

There have been many instances in the past when we have been murdered, oppressed, or subjugated, he said.

There have been several occasions when we have been denied entry at checkpoints set up by the Israeli military.

Furthermore, the Palestinian Super Cup is not possible for us to play in the occupied West Bank because we are unable to travel there. In our homeland as well as in other parts of the world, our rights are restricted and restricted.”

Wadi expressed displeasure that Gaza’s footballers could not leave the war-torn strip, while Israel, a country that had committed countless acts of war, was able to play international football.

This is the simple answer to Mohammad Abed, who is a fan of the Palestinian Premier League and has always believed that the Palestinian cause has always been mistreated.

The president of the FIFA said that the organization was racist and hypocritical.

As the saying goes, “For the truth to be seen, we must look with both of our eyes, not just one.”

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