The earth was not covered with water, according to the latest study

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The earth was not covered with water, according to the latest study, Fresh water first appeared on Earth four billion years ago, according to a new study that finds fresh water was once a salty liquid.

Through the study of ancient crystals that were found on the Earth, scientists were able to pinpoint the origins of the hydrological cycle, which is the process in which water moves continuously around the Earth, supporting ecosystems and supporting life on this planet as a whole.

A recent study by Hamed Gamaleldien, the lead author of the study, found light isotopic signatures that dated back as far as four million years ago by studying tiny crystals within the mineral zircon.

There are several kilometres beneath the surface of the Earth where hot, fresh water alters rocks, resulting in the production of these light oxygen isotopes.

There has been a substantial amount of scientific research that has challenged the existing notion that Earth was completely covered by water billions of years ago.

Hugo Olierook, study co-author from the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Curtin University, said the discovery was extremely important in understanding how life originated on earth and how it evolved in the future.

This discovery provides a new perspective on Earth’s early history and suggest that land masses and fresh water were necessary for life to flourish within a relatively short period of time following the planet’s formation, less than 600 million years after it was formed.

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