The dish that Taylor Swift makes Travis Kelce’s favorite

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It is through her impeccable cooking skills that Taylor Swift has been able to win the hearts of her men.

Travis Kelce, Swift’s boyfriend in the Kansas City Chiefs team, revealed during the Kansas City Chiefs press conference on Tuesday, June 11, that they enjoy cooking together a lot, and he really enjoys spending that time with her.

During a recent interview with a reporter, Kelce replied that he preferred to keep the answer to that question to himself, explaining that he respected the question but preferred to keep the answer to himself. It’s just something that I prefer to keep to myself. I don’t want to share it with anyone.”

He couldn’t help adding, however, as he left the stage that Taylor makes a fantastic Pop-Tart and cinnamon roll, that I have tried in the past.

In addition to her fame as an international pop star, the international sensation is a passionate cook, particularly when it comes to baking sweet treats.

As part of the promotion for her new album release, Swift revealed a video clip in which viewers were able to see Swift cooking with Kelce, as the Super Bowl champion blew her a kiss as she made her appearance.

Swift’s recipe for homemade Pop-Tarts was mentioned by Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid during the NFL season of 2023-2024, according to ESPN’s report.

Although Reid had not yet attempted one, he did joke about it during a March interview on Rich Eisen’s show about how he hadn’t attempted one yet.

There is nothing better than a Pop-Tart that she makes. Whenever she runs into me, she doesn’t come to me for it; she comes to all of the linemen for it,” Reid explained. She is saying to me: “You have to give a little to the coach”.”” I am making the point.

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