The CSS officer Bilal Pasha has committed suicide

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Police in Bannu say that a civil servant by the name of Bilal Pasha is believed to have committed suicide by shooting himself to death.

In a statement issued by the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Cantt Azmat Khan, Pasha, who was serving as the chief executive officer of the Bannu Cantonment Board, was said to have been suffering from mental stress for a number of days before committing suicide.

Several hours after Pasha’s body was found in his residence, the police report that his body was drenched in blood and that it was the result of him pulling the trigger. In order to provide better medical care to the young bureaucrat, the body was shifted to the District Headquarters Hospital in Bannu.

The police have open up an investigation into the incident to determine whether Pasha committed suicide or whether he was murdered as a result of the attack, according to a media report. A bullet wound was also reported to have been found in the head of the victim.

At the end of the funeral prayers, which took place at the premises of the cantonment board, the body of Pasha was taken to Khanewal, where he was buried in his hometown.

Pasha’s death, one of the most distinguished CSS officers, was reported across social media, so everyone was in shock when they heard about the news that he had passed away. It had also been reported in a number of reports that the CEO had also died following a cardiac arrest.

Across social media, people demanded an investigation into the incident, insisting that the police investigate whether or not it was a suicide or a murder that led to the death of the victim.

The Pasha belongs to Punjab and started his primary education in a school established by the mosque in which he grew up. After graduating from Emerson College Multan, he studied at the University of Faisalabad where he received a degree in Agriculture.

As a result of his performance in the CSS examination, he was also ranked 47th. 

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