The Christmas proposal is not for US couples

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In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Dr Jacquie Del Rosario, a marriage and relationship coach, discusses the reason why it might not always be a good idea to propose on Christmas as it might result in a significant legal matter in the future.

There is no doubt that Christmas proposals are very endearing, and that they add to the joy of the holiday season, but, according to Del Rosario, “most couples don’t think about what will happen if they decide to split up after getting engaged.”

As she continues, “Even though the ring may be regarded as a gift during the holiday season in the context of the relationship, the law looks at it very differently in terms of the intent behind the gift.” According to the American Society of Aesthetics, engagement rings are considered conditional gifts in many states, meaning that the buyer receives this item with the expectation that the buyer will comply with the agreed upon terms, which in this case are marriage.”

It is therefore important to note,” Del Rosario adds, “that in the event of the engagement breaking up and there is no marriage between the couple, either the ring has to be returned to the purchaser or the party that didn’t break off the engagement gets to keep the ring or gets the monetary value of the ring.

Despite Del Rosario’s admonition not to avoid Christmas proposals, she urges couples “to be knowledgeable about the state and municipal laws regarding engagement rings, as well as the state laws governing Christmas proposals.”.

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