The childhood fantasy of Margot Robbie has been revealed

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The childhood fantasy of Margot Robbie has been revealed. In a shocking revelation, Margot Robbie, who just wowed audiences everywhere with her acting prowess in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, has confessed that she aspired to be a “magician” as a child, which shocked many people.

During a recently discovered interview, the Barbie star opened up about her early years and what it was like growing up in Australia as a child.

In an interview with Vanity Fair back in 2016, Robbie revealed details about the way she grew up and revealed that she came from a small town on the Pacific coast of Australia called Gold Coast, which is 500 miles north of Sydney.

It was revealed by the Suicide Squad star that her father was a farmer and her mother worked as a physiotherapist. According to her, she primarily remained with her relatives because she was afraid that dingos and kangaroos might eat her baby in a place where dingos and kangaroos might live.

She went on to say that she dislikes discussing it because it breeds stereotypes, so she does not like to discuss it.

According to the I, Tonya alum, when she was a child, she used to have a lot of tricks that she thought were quite good. She was planning on becoming a magician someday.

Continuing from where she left off, she said that she had never heard of acting being a profession and assumed that only people born in Hollywood became actors.

Even though she was introduced to acting during her school years, Margot said, she never decided to become an actress, and she didn’t have any plans to do so. 

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