The 5 best passive income ideas you can start in 2024

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Nowadays, being able to earn a side income is one of the best ways to combat rising inflation. In the event that you suddenly lose your job, or if you find yourself in an unprecedented emergency, having a passive income can be one of the best backups you can get.

Side hustles vs passive income: which is better?

The term passive income is used to describe a stream of revenue that continues to flow in even after the work has been completed. It requires minimal work and once the initial set up has been completed, the money just keeps coming in.

The side hustle is a job that you do for an additional income as part of your day job, which requires time and effort.

In order to build your wealth in 2024, here are some ideas on how to earn passive income:

Learn how to create a course

There are several ways you can make money online, including creating an audio course and posting it online, then sitting back and enjoying the money it generates for you.

There are no limits to the type of course you create. You could choose any subject that you are interested in or anything that you are passionate about.

You can start a blog by writing a post

Writing blogs on websites such as Word Press and adding in a subscription feature can be a great way to make some extra money on the side. From writing on trending topics to writing about your favorite hobby, you can make some money from your blog.

Sell your photos online

Whether you’re seeing a stunning sunset or an exotic bird, you can click pictures and share them on social media. It is your responsibility to find the right platform and license them your pictures, so they can be used by anyone they wish, but they will have to pay for the right to use them.

Marketing through affiliates

You can make money from affiliate marketing by promoting the products of third parties on your site or through social media channels, in exchange for a fee.

Income from rentals

Investing in properties can be a great way to start generating a passive income, but you will have to have a certain amount of cash up front to do this. In addition to renting things that you have, such as format suits or parking spaces, you can also rent things that you own to people.

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