The 2022 World Cup benched Cristiano Ronaldo?

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The 2022 World Cup benched Cristiano Ronaldo?. There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most talented strikers on the planet, but despite having an impeccable reputation as one of the most proficient strikers in the modern era, Ronaldo was snubbed by Portugal during the 2022 World Cup campaign, a move that irked fans worldwide who could understandably question Portugal’s controversial decision.

After Portugal crashed out of the mega-event in the quarter-finals stage, Lisbon’s head coach Fernando Santos decided to bench Ronaldo, who witnessed his national team crash out of the mega-event on Saturday. Despite that, since then, he has refrained from elaborating on his reasons for the fateful decision.

Nevertheless, Santos, who is currently the manager of Turkish team Besiktas, finally opened up on the controversial decision to snub Ronaldo, saying it was a “tactical” move that was not a personal one, but one that was intended to ensure that a “balance with the team’s interests” was maintained.

“During the World Cup, we made the tactical decision to leave Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench due to his injuries. The decision I had to make was a difficult one, but I made it in the right way. The situation would not have been as difficult if we hadn’t been eliminated from the competition. He explained that he takes a lot of pride in the team he is a part of.

Additionally, Santos drew attention to Ronaldo’s fitness and form before and during the mega-event, and he said the 38-year-old was struggling and was not at his “natural peak” as a consequence of his tumultuous season with Manchester United.

As a further revelation, he further revealed that since the culmination of their journey through the World Cup, he hasn’t spoken to Ronaldo for a long time

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