Taylor Swift’s stalker revealed in a court document

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Taylor Swift’s stalker revealed in a court document. In the wake of two arrests for allegedly attempting to break into Taylor Swift’s home, Taylor Swift’s stalker has now been officially charged with stalking.

Upon his second arrest, the man was eventually brought to court and arraigned on three separate charges, including stalking in the fourth-degree and harassment in the first and second-degrees, on Wednesday after he was finally brought to court following his second arrest.

According to TMZ, prosecutors have made some troubling new revelations about Crowe’s behavior, including a claim that Crowe has visited Swift’s Tribeca apartment at least 30 times in the past two months, which includes multiple requests for Crowe to speak with the international pop icon. Crowe established he and Swift had been on the phone numerous times during their interaction.

During his court appearance, Crow did not enter a plea to the charge against him. The Grammy Award-winning musician was put under a protective order, which prohibited him from contacting him, even after he was released with strict supervision and conditions, even though he had been released on parole.

The first arrest of Crowe occurred on Saturday after the NYPD responded to a call from eyewitnesses reporting a “disorderly person” in Swift’s neighborhood.

After being caught lurking in the neighbourhood for another two days, he was arrested again after being caught lurking in the neighborhood yet again.

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