Tajikistan defeats Pakistan 1-6 in a FIFA World Cup qualifier

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During Tuesday’s match in the FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifiers, Pakistan suffered a crushing 1-6 loss to Tajikistan to conclude their first round of qualifying matches for the tournament.

After Kamolov put the first goal of the match in the back of the net thanks to a minor deflection from Abdullah Iqbal, Tajikistan got off to a flying start in the match being played at Islamabad’s Jinnah stadium.

There was no chance for Pakistan’s Yousuf Butt to stop Soirov’s strike from outside the box from finding the back of the net soon after Soirov’s strike from outside the box was able to double their lead.

The Pakistani team responded well to Tajikistan’s lead by scoring a brilliant goal with Rahis Nabi’s left foot in the 21st minute. With this goal, the home team and their fans were given hope that they were going to get back into the match.

It wasn’t a great day for the Green Shirts as far as team structure and off-the-ball movement is concerned as they spent the majority of the first half without any form of midfield movement.

Tajikistan was able to exploit the same empty spaces as they did in the 26th minute when they scored another outside-the-box goal against Moldova, taking advantage of the absence of their midfielder.

However, the problems didn’t end there for the home side, as just before the half-time whistle, the visitors scored again to extend their lead to three goals and firmly establish themselves as a dominant force in the match.

After the second half, Pakistan’s problems continued, as they failed to keep the ball for most of the time, and their players had a hard time holding on to the ball and slowing down the pace of the game as every touch was towards the goal, thus making it impossible for the team to establish a structure that would work.

After 65 minutes, the Men in Green conceded another goal, this time from the edge of the box, because they failed to close down the gap in their penalty area as they failed to close down the gap in their penalty area. Before the final whistle blew, the visitors managed to score one more goal.

Eventually, the game ended 1-6, with Tajikistan emerging as the winners after a one-sided game of football, however Nabi’s stunning strike in the first half was the only positive that could be noted during the entire game.

The first match of Pakistan’s FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifying campaign saw the country suffer a 4-0 defeat against Saudi Arabia.

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