Sustainable fashion will be promoted by Sonam Kapoor

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Sustainable fashion will be promoted by Sonam Kapoor. As Sonam Kapoor revealed to IANS, she always strives to wear the same outfit for a considerable period of time, which highlights the significance of repeating clothes.

In a recent report published by Pinkvilla, the globally famous fashion diva revealed that for her to have a product that lasts for a long time is a luxury.

“Back in the day, my mother and grandmother used to preserve expensive sarees in muslin cloth, masterji (tailor) would make outfits based on our measurements, and juttis (shoes) would be made to fit our feet. I’m also doing the same thing today.” says Sonam.

In addition, the actress of Neerja also commented that she hasn’t bought anything that she hasn’t worn more than once. For her, everything she buys has to be durable so that she can wear it for at least several years to come.

As she explained to me, she does not believe in wearing something once and returning it unless it is for an event that she is borrowing it for. 

It is no secret that Sonam is one of the most popular Indian celebrities, having been a part of various star-studded fashion shows. 

She will soon be seen back on the big screen in Battle for Bittora, her next professional project. The shooting of the movie is expected to begin in 2024, as it was reported earlier that the filming would begin in 2024. 

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