Suella Braverman is sack by Rishi Sunak after a pro-Palestine row

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Suella Braverman is sack by Rishi Sunak after a pro-Palestine row. As part of the reshuffle of his cabinet, Rishi Sunak has sacked British Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who was in charge of the interior ministry.

According to Sky News, Braverman made the decision after writing an opinion piece for The Times last week criticizing the way the Metropolitan Police handled a contentious pro-Palestinian march on Armistice Day, which was attended by hundreds of protesters.

As reported by the British broadcaster, in the article in question, the politician blamed the police for siding with leftwing protesters and inflaming tensions ahead of the protests commemorating Armistice Day in London.

There was increasing pressure on the prime minister to take action after critics accused Braverman of weakening public trust in the police and their operational independence, which led to her ouster as a result of her criticisms.

The author of the infamous article in which she compared the pro-Palestinian protests with Protestant marches in Northern Ireland, ramped up the attacks on individuals attending pro-Palestinian demonstrations in order to make a comparison between the two.

In response to Braverman’s remarks, both opposition parties and several Tory MPs have expressed their concerns about their offensive nature and incitement, describing them as “offensive” and “inflammatory.”

A former cabinet member for the Conservative party called her remarks “wholly offensive” and “ignorant”.

Many people were also infuriated when she stated earlier this month that homeless people live in tents as a “lifestyle choice.”.

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