Successful surgery removes large tumour from woman’s body

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Successful surgery removes large tumour from woman’s body. A Pakistani consultant surgeon performed a successful surgery at Khanewal District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital on Friday in which a tumor was removed from the body of a woman suffering from cancer. The surgery lasted for two hours and was a success. The woman was discharged from the hospital on the same day and is now recovering at home. The surgeon lauded the hospital staff for their hard work and dedication.

Dr Rashid Minhas, a surgeon working at the hospital, reported that during the operation performed by Dr Rashid Minhas, the 27-year-old woman Haseena Bibi was operated on and a 15kg tumour was removed from her body.

It has been reported by the family that the patient is now recovering fast and they have expressed their congratulations and gratitude to the medic for his efforts in helping to achieve this.

Successful surgery removes large tumour from woman’s body. This is the point at which it is important to bring to the attention of the reader that a tumour is a mass of solid tissue formed by the joining together of abnormal cells. In addition to the bones and skin, tumours can also affect the tissues, organs, and glands. Cancer is not the only cause of many tumours. The treatment may still be necessary for them, however.

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