Start-up launches public air taxi service in South Korea

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Start-up launches public air taxi service in South Korea, As part of a new aviation venture from South Korea, a helicopter taxi service between the airport and Gangnam neighbourhood of Seoul promises to reduce travel time from more than two hours to just 20 minutes.

According to AFP, the launch of the “Vonaer” service is currently in the middle of testing, which is why there will be a single flight each hour and the one-way price will be around 440,000 won ($320).

It has been revealed that Vonaer, a start-up company, is also offering charter services to its customers in other nations, with a roundtrip flight costing 18 million won ($13,000) from Seoul to southern Busan.

Shin Min said during the announcement of the services that there has not been much interest in the small air transportation industries in South Korea, and as a result, urban air services are not well known to the public, as is the related infrastructure.

Min, however, also stressed that both the helicopters and the pilots are highly experienced and that they are using safe helicopters.

Vonaer is not the only South Korean company that is trying to make a name for itself in the aviation taxi market; there are several others as well.

SK Telecom, one of South Korea’s leading telecom providers, has partnered with Californian startup Joby Aviation to showcase an air taxi that will help address congestion issues facing the country by solving the problems that have been plaguing the country for years. 

The tests are scheduled to take place next year, according to SK Telecom’s plans.

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