Sridevi’s late mother Janhvi Kapoor recalls Diwali memories

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Sridevi’s late mother Janhvi Kapoor recalls Diwali memories. Recently, Janhvi Kapoor admitted that Diwali is a festival that brings back beautiful old memories associated with her late mother, legendary actress Sridevi, as well as the festival of lights. 

Hindustan Times recently spoke with the Bollywood actress who shared with them that, throughout her childhood and family history, traditions have played a key role in shaping her up and that she has been a proud member of her family.

There was always a Diwali pooja in our house on this day, and my mother always enjoyed decorating the house on this day,” The 26-year-old actress said. 

It has always been a big part of Janhvi’s family’s heritage, traditions, and culture to be part of the Indian heritage, tradition, and culture.

As someone who is very religious, I’ve always been very attached to my mother, and I’m guessing my involvement in these traditions strengthens my relationship with her,” the Dhadak star said. 

Furthermore, she continued by sharing that every year, during festivals such as Diwali and Karwa Chauth, her mother would wear long Pattu [silk] sarees.  

She said that her mother would carefully select her sarees for each festival, making sure that it matched the theme of the celebration. She also said that she was always envious of her mother’s sarees, as she knew how much effort went into selecting them.

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