Singer’s affection deeply moved Taylor Swift’s choreographer

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In the same way that her admirers admire her dance routines, Taylor Swift is also enamored with a few of them.

Ahead of “Taylor Swift Night” on Tuesday’s edition of Dancing With the Stars, Page Six had an exclusive interview with Mandy Moore, the choreographer for Swift’s Eras Tour, during which she revealed which live routines the singer enjoyed the most during the concert.

“Oh, I was told by her that she really loves the [sexy] number Vigilante [S-t] – she really loves it! ”

During a recent interview, the Emmy Award-winning choreographer revealed of the sexy chair number he choreographed.

The witchy one that she does is called “Willow,” and I think that she truly enjoys doing it. The one that she likes the most is the one that she likes the most as well.”

In Moore’s words, the singer, who is known for his love songs, is such a sweetheart, and hearing about Moore’s gratitude for all of the work the singer has done to make the dance believable really warms her heart.

She did tell me that she enjoyed performing those moves every night, and she said to me: “I really enjoy coming out every night and doing those moves,” she told the outlet.

During an interview with Page Six, Moore gave some details on the “amazing” creative process that went into organizing Swift, 33,’s big world tour, which commences in Glendale, Arizona, on March 17 after Swift’s birthday.

The thing about something of this magnitude is that there’s no way of knowing when something like that is going to work out or not. It actually did work out and I’m glad for it. ‘Because I am so into her music and I am so into her and I love what she has to offer,’ she gushed.

“It’s so nice to be working alongside someone,” she continued, “it’s so nice to be part of a group.”. In fact, I would not say it was an easy experience – there were a lot of numbers to process in a very short period of time – but every day I went to work, I could hear myself saying, “This is amazing.””

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