Sharon Stone wants to be Kelly Ripa’s ‘daughter-in-law’

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Her sons have found the perfect match for their mother Kelly Ripa, and they could not be happier.

In spite of the fact that Sharon Stone and Michael Stone are almost 40 years apart in age, Kelly Ripa believes that Michael and Sharon Stone would make a great couple, even if they are close in age.

It was revealed on Wednesday’s episode of Let’s Talk Off Camera that Ripa’s two sons, Michael, who is 26 and Joaquin, who is 20 have something in common with the 65-year-old actress, who hosts the talk show.

My dream is that I can introduce you to my children as I have two sons who are very different in their personalities – as we have discussed over DMs, we have discussed it – and I have two sons who are very different in their personalities,” said Ripa, 52.

There is no similarity between them in any way. There is no disagreement between them over anything except Sharon Stone’s hotness,” she continued.

According to Ripa, her sons would make fun of the actress’s romantic interests in some of Stone’s biggest films, such as Casino, when they are watching some of Stone’s biggest films. These sons believe that the actress’s romantic interests are insufficient.

She mimicked her boys when she told them, “I think it’s right, as if Robert De Niro could ever get her, as if Joe Pesci would have any chance with Sharon Stone…I think it’s right, as if Robert De Niro could ever get her,” she sighed.

Even though Stone praised her renowned co-stars for their performances, she pointed out that, like most Hollywood partnerships, when she played their love interest in their films they were all between 25 and 30 years older than she was.

“It was a true account of what actually happened. According to the Oscar nominee, “These women always had an age difference of 20, 25, 30 years between them and the men [with whom they dated]. “But if we were to date someone 10 years younger, we would be cougars by the time we were 30.”

Even so, it was evident that Ripa felt a change was needed.

It is possible for me to set you up with my son right now, Sharon. There’s no way he could be 26,” Ripa quipped. “I am thinking of making you my daughter-in-law. I would like to make you my daughter-in-law. The greatest honor that can be given to our family would be that.”

The All My Children star went on to say that such a performance would be the happiest moment of her life.

There was no immediate acceptance or rejection of Stone’s proposal, but the actress did acknowledge that she had previously dated men whose mothers were the same age as her two years ago.

As Ripa learned that Stone was over 45 years old, she raised her offer, but Stone responded by saying that she would never date anyone under 45 years old.

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