Sharjeel uses constitutional means against delimitation

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Sharjeel Inam Memon, leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), said on Sunday that the party has strong objections to the way the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has delimited the constituencies for the national and provincial assemblies.

In order to defend the delimitation, he added that the party is currently in the process of developing constitutional procedures in order to defend the delimitation so that the country can undergo a general election on February 8 2024.

In speaking at a press conference to be held in Karachi today, the politician said he would be fighting against rigging and no one would be allowed to do so.

As rumours circulated that the general polls might be delayed, the electoral watchdog notified the final delineation of constituencies for the four national assemblies and the national assembly earlier this week.

Taking into account the development, the ECP has announced that the election schedule will be announced during the first week of December, as directed by the Commission for Elections as previously announced. As it had been announced earlier, the final list of delimitations would be published on December 15 but that date has now been changed to November 30.

During his interview with Memon, Memon was asked about the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan’s (MQM-P’s) insistence on constituencies to be drawn according to their own preferences. Memon replied: “If that is the case, they should not attend the election and instead go directly to the government.”

This politician gave his concern about the alliance between MQM-P and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, describing it as “equal to zero plus zero”, emphasizing the ineffectiveness of their political influence in Sindh as a result of their alliance.

Memon added that in this election as well, the opposition to the PPP will be defeated.

Nonetheless, he also emphasised that the PPP is not in a fight with any other party, and the PML-N is not in any conflict with the PPP either. It is necessary that we forget all hatred in order to sit down together and end politics of hatred.”

According to him, however, if the PPP were to be attacked by any political party, the party would respond accordingly.

Memon took a swipe at the PML-N for its Lahore-centric politics and said that the PPP represents Pakistan and is not a regional party that has regional borders.”

In order to develop its economy, the country should focus on practical work, rather than pompousness and slogans.”

The PML-N leader questioned the PML-N if any development had been done outside of Lahore by them.

During the speech, the politician claimed that the PPP had given the people a sense of hope by showing them a ray of hope.

According to him, the PPP is the party that people are looking forward to participating in the elections with the support of the people and becoming a majority party in the country.

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