Sharing objectionable photos of girls is not lenient: IHC

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On Monday, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) rejected the bail application of a man who was charged with publishing sexually explicit pictures of a teenage girl online. The court stated that publishing such pictures was a heinous crime and the perpetrators of it must not be treated lightly.

A petitioner named Muhammad Haseeb is alleging that he shared objectionable images of a girl on the social networking website Facebook as well as on WhatsApp with the girl’s father and husband.

In the judgment of the court, it was noted that these offences have become very common in society because girls often share “disgusting pictures” with their boyfriends or friends when they are in a relationship, which are then shared on social media platforms when their relationship ends.

A court in a written ruling stated that “because these images have become stigmatized throughout the lives of girls and in many cases their family life has been destroyed, they have also taken their own lives. Accordingly, those who commit such crimes should not receive any leniency,” the court ruled.

In accordance with the Preventing of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has registered a case against Haseeb at its Cybercrime Reporting Centre, Islamabad. As a result of unauthorised capturing or recording the complainant’s objectionable pictures and publicly displaying them and sharing them with her family members, the accused “disgraced and destroyed her modesty”, as well as destroying her modesty.

As a result of sending sexually explicit pictures of the complainant to her father, husband, friends, and others in addition to posting these pictures on Facebook, the petitioner has committed a heinous crime and the FIA has sufficient evidence against him in order to prosecute him. According to the order, there is an expert report on file containing technical analysis that shows that the petitioner has committed the crime outlined above.

Moreover, the petitioner’s plea for bail has also been denied, however it states that it is merely a “tentative assessment” that will not have an impact on the trial of the case.

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