Scientists received repeated alien signals from deep space

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In the past couple of weeks, scientists have become baffled by a mysterious signal that is being received from deep space on a regular basis.

A discovery team from NASA has claimed that what they have found is unlike anything that an astronomer has ever seen before. They can’t quite explain what’s going on.

A total of 53.8 minutes has been recorded as the length of the signal, which is the longest signal ever recorded, according to the New York Post.

It is reported that the signal comes from a distance of roughly 4.85 kiloparsecs. There is a unit of measurement known as a parsec, which is equal to 191,73,501,441,011 miles, which indicates that the source is quite far away from our planet Earth.

In their statement to the media, the team said: “It is likely to be a neutron star with very unusual properties, but other possibilities still need to be considered.”

Similarly, we have observed similar patterns in neutron stars, but based on the current understanding of neutron stars, we believe that they shouldn’t be able to have such a long period.”

As a result of a gamma ray search conducted by the telescope ASKAP J1935+2148, the transmission was first recorded.

The team announced that they did not know how long ASKAP J1935+2148 has been emitting radio signals because radio astronomy surveys do not typically look for objects with such long periods of time.

As per what the tea said, it may not be a neutron star, but rather a white dwarf – an object that has burned up all of its fuel and is no longer functioning. According to the investigation, it is considered to be the most likely source of the problem.

It is possible that this object could prompt us to reconsider our decades-old understanding of neutron stars and white dwarfs, particularly how they emit radio waves and what the population of these objects is like in our galaxy, if we find out more about it.”

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