Scarlett Johansson shares ‘heartbreaking’ song she ‘absolutely loves’

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She ‘absolutely loves’ this ‘heartbreaking’ song. Scarlett Johansson is not only known for her outstanding performances in movies, but she also has a flair for music as well.

In a recent interview, the Black Widow star, 38, who previously revealed she was trained as a professional singer, shared the inspiration she gets from a musician from the 1980s for many of her songs.

She briefly ventured into the music industry when she released her debut studio album back in 2008 as a tribute to Tom Waits, which received a lot of critical praise.

During a 2009 interview with KCRW, the Lost in Translation star reminisced about some of her favorite songs, and she chose a Tom Waits song callead Burma-Shave as an example.

I think this song is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and the lyrics are just so heartbreaking. There’s just this – it kind of reminds me of Last Picture Show kind of – there’s just this – again, I will say, a cinematic quality to it that makes it even more heartbreaking, and that’s just incredible, she said.

There is something so beautiful about the voice he has in this song. Even when I am working on a film, I often listen to a lot of music, and I always end up going back to Tom Waits when I am working on a film. There is just something about him that I love. So, I have picked Burma-Shave to share with you today.” 

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