Sania Mirza ‘Rejects’ Parikshit Balochi’s request to see T20 World Cup

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Sania Mirza rejects watching T20 World Cup, Sania Mirza’s Instagram clip featuring social media influencer Parikshit Balochi and Indian tennis star Sania Mirza has gone viral after the former denied “permission” for the latter to watch the T20 World Cup despite the latter admiring the former’s skills.

Aside from sharing about her personal and professional life, the Indian tennis star is also an active user of Instagram, where she posts a variety of relevant and relatable content, as well as information about the sport.

Recently, a reel has been created based on the evergreen song “Janam Pyar Tumse Hai” by Pakistani singer Aashir Wajahat.

Announcing the video on his Instagram account, Balochi wrote in the caption of the story that it would be his final time watching cricket until Sania Mirza comments on it.

Rather than responding to the views as they appear on the screen, Sania herself appears on the screen and winks at them.

The following comment was made by Balochi in the comment section: “But can I watch the T20 World Cup?”. Then please.

Sania Mirza playfully responded to Parikshit Balochi’s comment, saying, “Sorry, no can do! The T20 World Cup is off-limits for you, my friend. But don’t worry, I’ll keep entertaining you with my posts on Instagram!”

The playful banter between Sania Mirza and Parikshit Balochi on Instagram showcases the lighthearted and interactive nature of Sania’s social media presence. It allows her to engage with her followers and fans, creating a sense of community and entertainment beyond the tennis court.

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