‘Sam Bahadur’ star Vicky Kaushal receives praise from Katrina Kaif

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‘Sam Bahadur’ star Vicky Kaushal receives praise from Katrina Kaif. Katrina Kaif praised her husband, Vicky Kaushal, for the role he played in his latest movie, Sam Bahadur, in which he beautifully portrayed an intense role to the best of his ability.

Taking to Instagram, the B-town diva shared a picture of her better half posing for a poster in the movie, and she added a personal message to him expressing her admiration.

There is no doubt that Katrina paid tribute to the director of the film, Meghna Gulzar, in her note, saying she was transported to an alternate era by such a poetic and beautiful classic film.

Continuing, she said that in every frame, you can see how passionate you are about telling his story and how meticulous you are with details.

In addition to her adoration of her husband, Katrina also wrote, “And SAM !!!!……. GRACE, HEROISM, GRIT. I am simply astonished by his performance.”.

“I watched you shine across the screen in a way that I was so proud of, you are just too inspiring. You are true to your craft in the most brilliant, integral way possible.” 

It was said that Vicky’s dedication to the film and his transformation into Sam were a testament to the heart and soul that Vicky had put into it.

She concluded her speech by saying, “I’m sure you’ll remember that performance, @vickykaushal09.” 

In response, Vicky wrote in the comments section of her heartfelt post that you are my super power, and that I am thankful for you. 

In Sam Bahadur, India’s first field marshal Sam Manekshaw is depicted in a fictional war movie based on his life. Exactly one year from today, on December 1, 2023, this movie will be hitting theaters for the first time ever. 

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