Sam Altman sacked by OpenAI as CEO in a surprise move

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In a shocking move, OpenAI, the company that launched ChatGPT a year ago, announced on Friday that it had fired its CEO Sam Altman in an unannounced move, severing ties with a key figure in the AI revolution.

Altman, who is 38 years old and is regarded as one of the biggest stars in Silicon Valley, has introduced ChatGPT, which is a human-level chatbot capable of producing human-level content. The 38-year-old has been traveling around the world meeting with political leaders, as well as audiences interested in the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

As a result of his sudden dismissal, social media was abuzz with rumours, which surprised the tech community at large.

The board of OpenAI said in a statement that Altman left the company following its “deliberative review process” which concluded that Altman was not consistently candid in his communications with the board, which hindered the board’s ability to carry out its duties.

“The board no longer believes that he can continue to lead OpenAI in the best interest of the company,” the statement concluded.

Altman, in a post on X, the former Twitter platform, explained that he had enjoyed his time at OpenAI. It was a transformational experience for me personally, as well as the rest of the world.

According to him, he will be able to say more about what’s to come in the next few days.

In the wake of ChatGPT’s launch, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Meta all entered into a race among technology giants to develop AI.

In spite of Microsoft’s billion-dollar investment in OpenAI, Google quickly launched its own AI offerings, including the chatbot Bard, in spite of Microsoft’s billion-dollar investment in OpenAI, AFP reported. Despite Microsoft’s billion-dollar investment in OpenAI, Google launched its own AI offerings quickly.

As the pressure ramps up to regulate the use of AI in sensitive areas such as bioweapons, misinformation, and other threats, Altman has testified in front of the US Congress about AI and has spoken with heads of state about the technology.

In a statement, the OpenAI board said it was “grateful for Sam’s contributions to the founding and growth of the company. Nevertheless, we believe we need to change leadership as the company moves forward in the future.”.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the company said Altman would be temporarily replaced by Mira Murati, its chief technology officer on an interim basis.

“Mira and their team are essential to our effort to bring this next era of artificial intelligence to our customers and we are committed to our long-term partnership with OpenAI,” a Microsoft spokesperson told AFP in a statement.

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