‘Royal mission’ hampered by Kate Middleton’s absence

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‘Royal mission’ hampered by Kate Middleton’s absence, After Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery nearly a month ago, the royal family is still remaining coy about her health condition, which is not helping their case as well as they would have liked.

Royal expert Daniela Elser, writing for the Australian news website News.com.au, referred to the public scrutiny surrounding the mysterious absence of Princess Kate for the last two months as “KateGate,” and commented that KateGate has an important impact on the image of the monarchy.

Having morphed from entertaining to the unhinged, this Great Kate Panic has become a story that can be easily dismissed as just sound and fury, since the problem can’t be dismissed, if it were not for the much more serious real-world implications that exist.

In my opinion, the royal family’s standing at the moment is a bit dicey. We have been left in the previously ludicrous situation that the three out of the four highest ranking members of the working cadre (Charles, William, and Kate) are holding down the fort and now act as THE public face of the monarchy after the three high ranking members of the working cadre disappeared.

The recent event of KateGate has, in my opinion, become an unnecessary, problematic sideshow that should cause courtiers to pay attention to more than just their telegraphs and leather bound agendas, and should be a cause for great concern indeed.

Elser added, “It is a huge disruption from the wider royal mission, and it creates doubt surrounding an institution that has sought to shed the image that it is a shadowy, imperial bastion of pathological caginess, a shadowy, imperial bastion of pathological caginess.”.

Timenews provided that news. 

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