Ronaldo steals hearts with this heartwarming gesture

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A fan favourite both on and off the field is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is one of the biggest stars in the world of football.

On Tuesday, the Portuguese player, who is part of the Euro 2024 team, won the hearts of thousands of people worldwide by helping a disabled child on the pitch during his last Euro 2024 warmup match against Ireland, according to a report on Marca.

As a result of his sweet gesture, the Al Nassr star’s videos have gone viral on the internet and his humbleness has been appreciated by fans all over the world.

The now viral video shows Ronaldo guiding a young wheelchair-bound mascot on to the pitch, guiding her onto the pitch, to ensure that she has the best experience on the field. It is also visible in another video clip that Ronaldo holds on to her hand during Portugal’s national anthem, which ends the video clip.

A gesture like CR 7’s was fortunate for him as well as his team since Portugal defeated Ireland by a score of 3-0 in their friendly match.

He scored two goals during the match, facilitating his team’s victory and giving them the momentum they needed.

A spectacular sight was his first goal in the championship game. He scored a goal from the right side of the pitch and put it into the top left corner of the goalpost.

With a left-footed shot into the roof of the right corner, he scored his second goal of the game.

Following the match, Ronaldo told the press that he hoped to win the Euro Championship someday. I said to him: “It’s good to stay grounded but to have our minds in the sky, dreaming of the EURO. It’s a good thing to be prepared, but it’s also good to stay grounded.”

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