Robert Downey Jr. and Jodie Foster share ‘favorite scenes’

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While reminiscing on their Home for the Holiday days, Robert Downey Jr. and Jodie Foster exchanged laughs while sharing memories from their past.

It was a blast from the past for the two actors when they reunited on Variety’s Actors on Actors recently and recalled the times they had together.

There is a Thanksgiving comedy starring Oppenheimer’s notorious villain, Tommy Larson, who plays the sweet-natured but rebellious black sheep of the Larson family and is directed by Foster in 1995.

During a recent interview with Downey Jr., he recounted his role in bringing the film to the forefront. He said, “At one point in the film, I flipped the whole turkey, and it fell on the most miserable person in the world.”

As he explained it, Tommy accidentally spilled the turkey on Joanne in the scene where Cynthia Stevenson played Joanne, when Tommy accidentally spilled it all over her.

Foster added another layer of nostalgia by adding, “In order to make sure that when she fell on him, it would be an avalanche of disgust, we had to inject the cavity of the turkey with as much juice as we could get inside to make sure he fell in.”.

It’s one of the most memorable scenes that I’ve ever worked on and I loved doing it.” says the Iron Man star.

The set was chaotic and fun, and Foster looked round fondly with a fondness that could only be attributed to the fact that “all of it was perfect because of you. You have a big mouth and a crazy mind that adores freedom.”.

It seems to me that Downey and his team were in a state of utter amazement during the entire period of shooting, and at the same time, I remember it being one of the most relaxed performances he has ever given.”

Apart from working on Home for the Holiday, their careers have intersected throughout their long career in the industry, as their paths have crossed throughout the years.

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